I was born in South Glamorgan, Wales - and you know what they say in Wales - two's company, three's a choir! 

As an only child, I developed a gregarious personality and found this to be an integral part of my act now.
I sang at the Troubadour Club in Cardiff aged 14, afterwards progressing with guitar playing and writing songs. I also worked with mentally & physically disabled young people. I later moved on to Germany and Scotland and also performed in the Folk Circuit in Scotland and Norfolk. I have also performed in musicals and pantomimes in Yorkshire and Germany.

I did not always wear sequins for a living (that's me with the SLR), so that's why I wrote Soldier Blue, which has had thousands of hits on the internet.

I finally came to Blackpool and met Vaughan Kennedy. He introduced me to Neil Grant who ran showcases, and that is how I started to perform on the Blackpool Circuit. 

I have also worked alongside other artistes in shows such as the wonderful Chris Broadbent at The Jubilee Club in Torrisholme, and Gill Fyffe as part of his Variety Show at The Clifton Park Hotel and The Chadwick in St Anne's and very recently, the Ryfields Village, Warrington, which was a great honour. 

I have also worked in wonderful venues in Blackpool such as the North Pier, The Paris Casino, The Queens Hotel, Tiffany's, The Elgin and lots of other venues and WMC's.

I perform in pubs, clubs and holiday parks.

I also provide music therapy at Nursing Homes and Day Centres where I specialise in Dementia and those with complex physical needs and learning disabilities.

I still work in Blackpool in between travelling to other areas of the UK such as North Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Merseyside and Cumbria.   

I love my job.  

I am also an avid Geocacher with a Quirky sense of Humour (hence my geocaching name - Quirky Diva)

Thank you for believing in me, and for all those who have applauded me - I thank you! x

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